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The 'What' and 'Why' of Herbal Medicine Analysis

Modernizing the old art of plant medicine practice requires addressing the three interrelated issues of ‘quality’, ‘safety’, and ‘efficacy’. The 'pharmaceutical quality' of plant medicines is critically important as it does also affect the efficacy and safety of  these drugs....More

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We are also interested in the chemistry and pharmacology of many other natural products
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Published on 15 December 2018  for free access.

Engineering stilbene metabolic pathways in microbial cells. Biotechnology Advances. 



Free Download Access Until 7 January 2017

Anthocyanins in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome: A Pharmacological and Biopharmaceutical Review. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Nano based drug delivery systems: recent developments and future prospects. Journal of Nanobiotechnology 16:71. (33 pages).

Targeting mTORs by omega-3 fatty acids: A possible novel therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration? Pharmacological Research 135, 37-48

The brain-derived neurotrophic factor in neuronal plasticity and neuroregeneration: new pharmacological concepts for old and new drugs...Pererspective ..

Read our  article on potential application of  citrus by-products as antibacterial agents. 

Just completed our annual pharmaceutical congress... PDF

Still open and will be completed by September 2018.

 Now Open for Paper Submission

Plant-Derived Anticancer Agents: Lessons from the Pharmacology of Geniposide and Its Aglycone, Genipin ...Out Latest Review:

We have isolated a novel compound from Senna torra that we named 'cassiatorin' and shown promising crop protective effect against  cowpea weevil attack.

Read the story of caffeic acid joining danshensu to greet Alzheimer’s disease. It is all about molecular pharmacology, chemistry of compounds synthesized from these two polyphenolic compounds and drug discovery options based on their pharmacology. The free article is now available.

Volume 23 Issue 1 of ‘MOLECULES’  featuring  the title and images of our article as a journal cover.

Great to see our work recognized - even better when it is used as exemplary...

From the ‘News and Announcements - Featured Papers’: Dietary Anthocyanins and Insulin Resistance: When Food Becomes a Medicine … Out of the 1340 papers published in 2017 in the journal of 'Nutrients', our article appeared at the top of the list of the selected five featured papers.   or PDF

Quality Check on the Newer UK Universities. A must read article to those who are interested in the UK higher education system, league tables and scientific knowledge/output parity between the older and newer (post-92) universities.

Our New Year Message and annual newsletter

Iridoids and other monoterpenes in the Alzheimer’s brain: Recent development and future prospects. This invited review article outlines the chemistry,  pharmacology and therapeutic potential of iridoids for treating Alzheimer's disease. The molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease...

Antidiabetic Potential of Monoterpenes: A Case of Small Molecules Punching above Their Weight. Read our article on one class of natural products that are structurally  small and yet shown in recent years with potential antidiabetic effects.


Could We Really Use Aloe vera Food Supplements to Treat Diabetes? Quality Control Issues. After the listing of Aloe vera in the Diabetes UK website as potential therapy, our previous report  was centred at the merit of using Aloe vera food supplements to treat diabetes.   Now we have done quality control measures on the very Aloe vera food supplements by the best-selling brands. The results show that what you buy from the outlets like the Holland and Barrett could be far below your expectation on the labelling and unwanted contaminants (methanol!)…

Quality Check on the Newer UK Universities. A must read article to those who are interested in the UK higher education system, league tables and scientific knowledge/output parity between the older and newer (post-92) universities.

"Dietary Anthocyanins and Insulin Resistance: When Food Becomes a Medicine".. our review article on potential modulation of diabetes and obesity by what we eat.

 Moringa stenopetala seeds as  sources of potential anticancer compound: Methodology for rapid isolation of Moringin... now published.

  Officially published on 14 June 2017

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In addition to our fully equipped tissue culture facilities, we have  access to various state-of-the-art equipment including ICP-MS, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS, FABS-MS, FTIR, Laser-Raman,  scanning  and transmission  electron microscopes, flow cytometer, NMR (300, 400 and 500MHz),  automated DNA sequencers, various HPLC systems,  capillary electrophersis ................















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