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Dr Habtemariam has decades of experience in teaching at undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral levels. He also delivers short-term trainings, courses and workshops in vast arrays of biology/pharmacology, analytical chemistry and drug discovery fields. Below are his well-established education and training areas listed under different subject headings.  Please note that further access to learning resources is not available via this page.

    A. Physiology & Pharmacology

  1.     Inflammation Pharmacology - Mediators

  2.     Inflammation Pharmacology - Classical antiinflammatory drugs

  3.     Haemostatic regulations

  4.     Antiplatelet and antithrombic drugs

  5.     Adhesion molecules in health and disease

  6.     Septic shock and its treatments

  7.     Carcinogenesis - molecular basis

  8.     In vitro anticancer evaluations

  9.     Cell viability assays

  10.     Anticancer drugs

  11.     Novel antiinflammatory targets

  12.     Tumour necrosis factor alpha in health and disease

  13.     The autonomic nervous system - neurotransmission

  14.     The autonomic nervous system - modulators of neurotransmission

  15.     Neuromuscular blocking drugs

  16.     Hypertension and its drug treatment

  17.     Cell to cell communications

  18.     The cytoskelon system and extra cellular matrix

  19.     Cell motility & adhesion

  20.     Coronary artery disease - pathophysiology

  21.     Coronary artery disease - drug treatment

  22.     Molecular basis of carcinogenesis

  23.     Anticancer drugs

  24.     The pharmacology of programmed cell death/apoptosis

  25.     Leishmaniasis

  26.     Reactive oxygen species in health and disease-1 - Chemistry

  27.     Reactive oxygen species in health and disease-2 - biochemistry

  28.     Reactive oxygen species in health and disease-3 - pharmacology

  29.     Reactive oxygen species in health and disease-4 - in vitro methods

  30.     Physiological stress

  31.     The respiratory system - the lung

  32.     The respiratory system - gas transport

  33.     The circulatory system- the heart

  34.     The circulatory system - blood vessels

  35.     The microcirculation

  36.     The urinary system - the kidney

  37.     The urinary system - the filtration process

  38.     Diuretics

  39.     The muscle physiology-1

  40.     The muscle physiology-2

  41.     General anaesthetics

  42.     Local anaesthetics

  43.     Drugs affecting the GIT

  44.     The pharmacology of  sexual dysfunction

  45.     Proteins, enzymes and receptors 

  46.     Homeostasis

  47.     Stereochemistry

  B. Chromatography & spectroscopy
  1.     Chromatography - what is it?
  2.     Chromatography - how do we do it?
  3.     Chromatography - applications
  4.     Chiral chromatography
  5.     Hyphenated methods
  6.     HPLC based methods development
  7.     Spectroscopy in organic chemistry - UV
  8.     Spectroscopy in organic chemistry - IR
  9.     Spectroscopy in organic chemistry - NMR
  10.     Correlation Spectroscopy
  11.     NMR-based ligand screening
  12.     Spectroscopy in organic chemistry - workshop
  13.     Analytical methods for biological applications
   C. Natural Products & Pharmacognosy
  1.     The what and why of natural products chemistry
  2.     The shikimic acid pathway
  3.     Polyketides  
  4.     Terpenes - biosynthesis
  5.     Alkaloids-1 - biosynthesis
  6.     Alkaloids-2 - biosynthesis
  7.     High field NMR spectroscopy-1 - structural elucidations
  8.     High field NMR spectroscopy-2 - structural elucidations
  9.     Structural elucidation - case study-1 complex problem solving exercise
  10.     Structural elucidation - case study-2 complex problem solving exercise
  11.     Essential oils chemistry-1
  12.     Essential oils chemistry-2
  13.     Essential oils analysis
  14.     Extraction methods - general
  15.     Extraction methods - essential oils
  16.     Bioassay guided fractionation approach
  17.     Natural products as source of drugs
  18.     Natural products - antibiotics
  19.     Natural products in food and beverage industries
  20.     Natural products in agrochemical industries
  21.     Nutraceuticals
  22.     Herbal medicine - the past, present & the future
  23.     The pharmaceutical scientist in green medicine
  24.     The science and art of herbal standardisation
  25.     The science and art of bioassay-guided isolation
  26.     Carbohydrate chemistry
 D. Guest Lectures

4 February 2008; 8 April 2008; 22 August 2008

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