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The 'What' and 'Why' of Herbal Medicine Analysis

Modernizing the old art of plant medicine practice requires addressing the three interrelated issues of ‘quality’, ‘safety’, and ‘efficacy’. The 'pharmaceutical quality' of plant medicines is critically important as it does also affect the efficacy and safety of  these drugs....More


Click  here  for representative pharmacologically active  medicinal plant metabolites characterised in our labs.

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We are also interested in the chemistry and pharmacology of many other natural products
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Our Annual Newsletter

Our Publications of the Year 2015  Appeared in:
Nature Methods [Impact Factor 25.953]  - (2x) Natural Product Communications [IF 0.956] - Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry [IF 2.939] - Journal of Ginseng Research [IF 2.295] -  (2x) Phytotherapy Research [IF 2.89] - International Journal of Cardiology [IF 6.175] - Current Medicinal Chemistry [IF 3.715] - Natural Product Research  [IF 1.225] - Antiviral Research   [IF 3.434] - Fitoterapia  [IF 2.216] - Mini Review in Medicinal Chemistry [IF 3.186] - Critical Reviews in Biothechnology [IF 7.837] - RSC Advances [IF 3.84] - Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry [IF 2.3] - Advances in Nutrition [IF 4.9] - Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry [IF 3.402] -  Pharmacological Research [IF 4.408] - Nutrients [IF 3.27]  - Life Sciences [IF 2.702] -  Neurochemistry International [IF 3.092]  - Cancer & Metastasis Reviews [IF 6.449] ... Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs - Beverages (Open Access).....

Rosemary Diterpenes    for the Alzheimer's brain...
Where is the evidence?


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A natural compound called rutin may shade light on diabetes therapy ... ATLAS of Science or PDF

Reflection - The Year 2015 at a Glance. Seasons Greetings & Annual Newsletter

This prestigious African  scientific institution has been   giving fellowships to individuals in recognition of  outstanding contribution to the advancement of  science and technology  in the continent. It is an honour to be one of the 2015 recipients.....More to come....Dr Solomon Habtemariam (8 December 2015).

The Miracle Tree:  Update-2. Extractability of Rutin in Herbal Tea Preparations of the African/Ethiopian Moringa. Utilisation as a crude mixture and purified natural product.

ERYTHROIVORENSIN - A novel antiinflammatory diterpene discovered from a West African medicinal plant: Erythrophleum ivorense  

The Miracle Tree - The African/Ethiopian Moringa. "Is it a medicine or a hoax". Read a news page based on our recent research findings.

 Novel Biologically Active Compound Based on a Novel Diterpene Skeleton Discovered - Cytotoxicity to cancer cells, antioxidant.....Visit our News Page 

Discussion on how to find anti-Ebola drugs is heating up - Read our published comments at the International Journal of Cardiology (IF 6.175) - "Ebola therapy: Developing new drugs or repurposing old ones?"

... Our  Letter to the Editors of  Phytotherapy Research - Did Ebola Survivors Use Plant Medicines, and if so, Which Ones?
Read Our Newspaper Commentary Article on the Recent REF 2014  Results. Published on  December 31st 2014 - The Wharf - How many UK lecturers really are 'research active'?  
Reflection - The Year 2014 at a Glance. Seasons Greetings & Annual Newsletter Included.

Reflection - The Year 2013 at a Glance

A Grand Tour of Networking with Medicinal Plant Professionals in Ghana: -During his research sabbatical leave, Dr Habtemariam extensively travelled around the world to foster research collaborations with various universities and herbal medicine professionals.  His travel itinerary to Ghana during the period from 21 November 2013 to  4 December 2013 included .......
Our conference on "Molecular Secrets of Plant Medicines" (MSPM 2013) was successfully held in Kerala, India...... see highlights and media coverage....
 MEDIA COVERAGE OF OUR STUDIES "Sweet Potential for Diabetes"...."Drugs for Diabetes? Scientists Test the Power of Plants"...
Visit a news page showing extensive media coverage of our research finding on Tansy. Old folk remedy revived: How tansy may be a treatment for herpes ...   
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Dr Habtemariam BSc, MSc, PhD........FRSM, FRSC. .... With a Principal Lecturer post at Greenwich, Dr Habtemariam is a leader of the BSc Pharmaceutical Science programme and researches on bioassay & natural products-based drug development. ....More



In addition to our fully equipped tissue culture facilities, we have  access to various state-of-the-art equipment including ICP-MS, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS, FABS-MS, FTIR, Laser-Raman,  scanning  and transmission  electron microscopes, flow cytometer, NMR (300, 400 and 500MHz),  automated DNA sequencers, various HPLC systems,  capillary electrophersis ................










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Modernising the old art of traditional medicines can only happen through up-to-date scientific research

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