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The 'What' and 'Why' of Herbal Medicine Analysis

Modernizing the old art of plant medicine practice requires addressing the three interrelated issues of ‘quality’, ‘safety’, and ‘efficacy’. The 'pharmaceutical quality' of plant medicines is critically important as it does also affect the efficacy and safety of  these drugs....More

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We are also interested in the chemistry and pharmacology of many other natural products
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Could We Really Use Aloe vera Food Supplements to Treat Diabetes? Quality Control Issues. After the listing of Aloe vera in the Diabetes UK website as potential therapy, our previous report  was centred at the merit of using Aloe vera food supplements to treat diabetes.   Now we have done quality control measures on the very Aloe vera food supplements by the best-selling brands. The results show that what you buy from the outlets like the Holland and Barrett could be far below your expectation on the labelling and unwanted contaminants (methanol!)…

Quality Check on the Newer UK Universities. A must read article to those who are interested in the UK higher education system, league tables and scientific knowledge/output parity between the older and newer (post-92) universities.

"Dietary Anthocyanins and Insulin Resistance: When Food Becomes a Medicine".. our review article on potential modulation of diabetes and obesity by what we eat.

 Moringa stenopetala seeds as  sources of potential anticancer compound: Methodology for rapid isolation of Moringin... now published.

“Plants-Derived Neuroprotective Agents: Cutting the Cycle of Cell Death through Multiple Mechanisms”: Our comprehensive review article of 27 pages with citation of 305 references  … is now available.

As an Editor-in-Chief of PHARMACEUTICA ANALYTICA ACTA, Dr Habtemariam is happy to assist colleagues wishing to publish their valuable research findings on any area of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Analytical Methods Development for Drugs and/or Drug Candidates Analysis. Follow us - 

Homeopathy is among the Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices that struggle to maintain their market share in the 21st Century heath care systems. The reason is simple – Acute lack of efficacy and/or scientific evidence to justify their use.  Homeopathy’s core principles such as treating patients by “highly diluted drug substances” and the “like cures like" argument have always been questioned by pharmacologists. Now the NHS is set to ban it altogether.
It has been said that the NHS  spent about 600,000 on homeopathic treatment in the last 5 years – A very small figure but still a saving of funding that stretches to the limit.  Follow the news @
Tanner Award-2017

In Recognition of the Most-Cited Paper of 2014 Published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety Curcumin and Liver Disease: from Chemistry to Medicine”

Awarded by the Institute of Food Technologists

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Pharma Europe 2017

9th Annual European Pharma Congress: Events with 17 separate tracks on June 26-28, 2017; Madrid, Spain

Welcome message by Dr Solomon Habtemariam

Could we really use Ale vera food supplements to treat diabetes? Read our commentary on the listing of Aloe vera and related products as drugs by the Diabetes UK website.

  Officially published on 14 June 2017

Visit the Elsevier site or the attached PDF for details. 
The African and Arabian Moringa Species

1st Edition

Chemistry, Bioactivity and Therapeutic Applications
Authors: Solomon Habtemariam
Paperback ISBN: 9780081022863
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 28th June 2017
Page Count: 300

2-Arylazetidines as ligands for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors new ligands for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

"Going Back to the Good Old Days: The Merit of Crude Plant Drug Mixtures in the 21st Century". Read our review article on drug targeting by single chemical entities and polypharmacology principles - The case of complex diseases of our century.


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Ensete superbum is a popular Indian medicinal plant employed for the treatment of numerous diseases but specifically for diabetes kidney stones, painful urination, urinary calci and leucorrhoea. We studied this plant in the last five years and our first paper on the potential mechanisms of its antidiabetic    effects is now published...  

As part of the "molecules" 2016  special issue on the terpenoids class of compounds, our invited extensive review article (38 pages) entitled “The Chemistry and Pharmacology of Citrus Limonoids” is now published. The full-text article is available for free: 

 In our continued effort to look for novel drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, we have synthesised and evaluated several berberine analogues  

This is one more example of how nature can still be used as a source of medicine to treat human diseases. The scientific evidence for the potential use of berberine for this chronic disease is scrutinised…. Berberine and inflammatory bowel disease: A concise review

Rosemary Diterpenes    for the Alzheimer's brain...
Where is the evidence?


Related article: Rutin may help fight Alzheimer's disease - Link

A natural compound called rutin may shade light on diabetes therapy ... ATLAS of Science or PDF

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In addition to our fully equipped tissue culture facilities, we have  access to various state-of-the-art equipment including ICP-MS, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS, FABS-MS, FTIR, Laser-Raman,  scanning  and transmission  electron microscopes, flow cytometer, NMR (300, 400 and 500MHz),  automated DNA sequencers, various HPLC systems,  capillary electrophersis ................









































































































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